How To Make Air Orbs

The route to the Air Obelisk. Air orbs are worth 2,941 coins, and are created by casting Charge Air Orb on unpowered orbs at the Air Obelisk. With an equipped air […]

How To Put In A Two Weeks Notice At Work

You may choose to deny a vacation request to an employee who has given two weeks notice, but it would be wise to try to negotiate with the employee to see if you can find an agreement that will work … […]

How To Make A Drive Belt

Eventually I was inspired to make a monkey’s fist knot, but this didn’t bring me any closer to making my lathe work properly. Finally, I received the link belt , and although it’s thinner than the lathe was designed for, everything is working very well so far. […]

How To Open Gifts Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3

Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 is the first title in the Xtreme series to release exclusively for Sony platforms (PS4 and PS Vita), following the Xbox and Xbox 360 releases of Xtreme Beach Volleyball and Xtreme 2. The latest game forgoes the loose plots of the previous two titles altogether, as the player in charge of New Zack Island while Zack pursues a top secret mission of his own. Chosen by […]

How To Make Real Unicorn Eggs

Each kit comes with enough supplies to make three unicorn eggs, each decked out with a gold unicorn horn, eyelashes, and even tiny flowers to give them mini flower crowns, because every unicorn […]

How To Make A Cash Envelope System Wallet

Cash envelope system wallet with blank dividers for Dave Ramsey budget choice of laminated cotton fabric and zipper color $ 21.50. Eligible orders ship free Coin pouch in laminated cotton choice of fabric $ 6.00. Eligible orders ship free Set of 9 labels for cash envelope system, etc. labels only $ 3.00. Eligible orders ship free Set of 3 custom labels for mini wallet (labels only, no […]

How To Make Long Shirred Skirt Plus Size

Sew & Tell: Episode 4. Get on the Planning Train! We’ll discuss our favorite makes of 2018 – from, discuss our sewing goals for 2019 and dip into wardrobe planning with special guest, Erica Bunker. […]

How To Mix Paint To Make Black

For the background I would create a mix of Phthalo Green and Anthraquinoid Red and maybe a touch of my blue to create a non-glowing black colour mix. Phthalo Green and Anthraquinoid Red creates a black together. If you then favor the colour green in this mix you would create a green dark mix which supports your main subject, which is red. […]

How To Make Commuting More Enjoyable

6 Ways to a more Enjoyable and Productive Commute. by Shawn Peters; Posted on June 8, 2018 June 12, 2018; Whether you drive, use public transport or cycle to work, the daily commute to the office can be a … […]

How To Make Muffins With Big Tops

22/07/2012 Muffins though you want the leavening to work to aerate and make them high. By allowing the batter to rest, youre allowing the gluten to relax, the liquid to be absorbed thus producing a more fluffier, higher domed product. […]

How To Open Recovered Files In Excel 2013

Excel 2013 automatically keeps a running list of the last 25 files you opened in the Recent Workbooks list on the Open screen when the Recent Workbooks option is selected under Places. If you want, you can have Excel display more or fewer files in this list. […]

How To Make A Minecraft Motorbike That Moves

eYLK7a2pZTgpxRVAiVqivU Installation Install Forge 1.7.10 with the installer like you would normally. Drop this zip file into the mods folder in your .minecraft folder. Download mod now! The Minecraft Mod, [1.7.10] The Dirtbike Mod [v1.2.1], was posted by 6d61726b. […]

How To Play Iroquois Civ V

To unravel the mystery, we surveyed Civ players on Twitter, the Civilization subreddit, the CivFanatics forums, the Civilization 5 and 6 communities on Steam, and a handful of Civ-centric or Civ […]

How To Open Windows Bitmap Image

Bitmap, raster graphics file formats are generally photo or picture images consisting of pixels in a grid. Each pixel in the image contains information about the color to be displayed. Each pixel in the image contains information about the color to be displayed. […]

How To Read An Ekg

28/07/2015 5 step intro to interpreting EKG's for nurses & new grad nurses. […]

Gmod How To Make Your Self Admin

How to make yourself admin Making yourself or your friends Admin on Blackwake is very simple and only takes a few minutes to setup, so lets get started; First, log in to your Control Panel and stop your … […]

How To Make Jpg Smaller Android

20/05/2010 · Is there any way to make smaller DatePicker and TimePicker (but to be visible all parts ) in Android ? I tried to set layout_width="130dp" but then DatePicker isn't visible, just left upper corner. I tried to set layout_width="130dp" but then DatePicker isn't visible, just left upper corner. […]

How To Make A Cake Without Eggs Or Milk

Most often, recipes will include apple sauce or mashed banana. I find that using sunflower oil for the fat works well. Vinegar and baking soda are easy store cupboard ingredients to act as the raising agent instead of eggs. I've tried substituting a small amount of gram flour (besan / chickpea) to […]

How To Make Text Curved On Micofosoft On Mac

25/12/2009 · Hi Robb, Pages does not create curved text. It doesn't have a function comparable to WordArt. If you have Office for Mac, you can use WordArt and Copy/Paste into a Pages document, or you can use another 3rd party application. […]

How To Make An Ant Death Spiral

10/01/2013 [Collected via e-mail, January 2013] Death Spiral. These 11 States now have More People on Welfare than they do Employed! And Surprise-Surprise!!! […]

How To Make Manic Panic More Vibrant

Years back I dyed it a warm medium/dark brown and then dyed over a strip of it with shocking blue manic panic, which turned out kind of dark blue-green. It faded out gradually but I can't guarantee it would do the same for you, it would likely just get less vibrant and you'd still end up with a bit of visible regrowth. Regardless whether your hair is pre-processed you will still get at least […]

How To Say My Love In Scottish Gaelic

3/10/2012 · Irish Gaelic learning in English and translation from English into Irish. ILF - Irish Language Forum • View topic - "My first love, my eternal love" in Irish Gaelic FAQ […]

Factorio How To Read Concents Of A Train

Check out the Effort Values page to read more about the mechanic in full detail. If you have many Pokemon you'd like to train in one stat, prepare them all before heading to battle to train […]

How To Open Srt File In Windows Media Player

18/06/2006 · re: Windows Media Player and .srt files quote Amplified [..] a "FF", one with small black righting under it and one with turquoise coloured righting under it, in front of the black one. […]

How To Make A Paper Pirate Ship

Milk Carton Pirate Ships - Reuse a milk carton to make a pirate ship. Paper Bag Pirate Puppets - Arrgggh, swab the deck matey, and hoist the anchor! It’s time to make some cute paper bag pirates and create your very own puppet show. […]

How To Make A Fish Hand Puppet

These hand puppets are made from simple materials. Participants can take as long as they like to create a funky hand puppet that they can take with them. A fun interactive craft workshop for the whole family! […]

How To Make Chow Mein With Maggi Noodles

1/01/2014 · Featured in Chow mein recipes, Top 50 mince recipes. Ingredients. 1 tablespoon vegetable oil. 1 onion, cut into wedges 400g pkt fresh plain rice noodles … […]

How To Make A Circle Diagram

9 Step Circles Diagram for PowerPoint is a business process presentation template. The PowerPoint slides are effectively used to represent ideas relating to communication and methods that require steps or […]

How To Put Your Preferred Sites On Google

Reading that article, Id agree that Google does its ranking of http and https automatically, but in Google Search Console, you are encouraged to 1) add all versions of your site, and 2) set a preferred […]

How To Run Credit Cards For A Small Business

Small Business Credit Cards Instant Approval Several credit card issuers offer prepaid business cards, secured business credit cards, and instant approval business credit cards specifically for business owners with fair to bad credit ratings. For example, there are […]

How To Change Order Of Playlist Om

6/08/2006 What do I have to do to be able to move tracks around in a playlist. Everytime I move a song by dragging it, all appears to be working right until I release my mouse button Then the song's back where it was before I moved it. […]

How To Make Bubbles Go Down

To make a chain of bubbles like the one in the photograph, blow a bubble on the unopened end of a tin can and turn it over, so that the bubble is hanging down. Dip a […]

How To Repeat A Song On Apple Music

Swipe up on Now Playing to see more options like shuffle and repeat, lyrics 8, and a list of what plays next. Control your music library or listen to Apple Music on your Apple Watch. Play music, podcasts, and audiobooks in your car with your iPhone. 7. On iPad in portrait mode, Now Playing is in the lower-right corner. On Apple TV, open the Music app, then swipe down on your Siri Remote or […]

How To Make A Puff Pastry Pie Base

Whilst I used my own toppings the base of puff pastry was fantastic so much so that my husband said it was the best tasting pizza base he'd had. Next time may try it with 2 sheets to give a thicker crust. I won't be trying my hand at pizza dough for a long time. […]

How To Make A Mouse Mat

This beauty cost me about $8 to make and it makes the biggest difference in my office. My favorite thing about it is when I get tired of the pattern all I need to buy a new roll of wrapping paper! My favorite thing about it is when I get tired of the pattern all I need to buy a new roll of wrapping paper! […]

How To Make Balloon Animals Step By Step Swan

Making A Swan In Balloon Modeling - Learn how to make a swan balloon animal. Making A Flower In Balloon Modeling - Learn how to make a flower sculpture by balloon bending. Make a Ladybug Balloon Creature - Follow this video on how to make a ladybug out of a balloon. […]

How To Make Your Hair Stronger Thicker And Longer

Get your body well and your hair will follow. Exercise relieves stress and optimizes your body’s ability to transport nutrients and oxygen, including to the scalp. Exercise also helps boost immune function. As you exercise and release stress, turn to wholesome organic foods to make your hair the best it can be in the long … […]

How To Make An Object In Photoshop Have No Background

Click on the Layer dropdown in your Photoshop menu, highlight Smart Objects, and then click Convert to Smart Object. Next, click on the Layer dropdown again, but this time, highlight Rasterize , and then click Smart Object . […]

How To Put Downloaded Fonts In Photoshop Cs6

Download font Khmer Unicode that can use with Adobe Photoshop. Many of Cambodian graphic designer has the problem with font Khmer Unicode does not work correctly with Adobe Photoshop. […]

How To Make A Mini Skateboard

Skateboard Rails Make A Skateboard Skate Rail Portable Ramps Mini Ramp Bmx Skateboarding Snowboarding Skating Log Projects Banisters Snow Board Skateboard Skateboards Snowboards Forward Grind Rail Assembly - How to make a skateboard grind rail […]

Runescape 3 How To Make Yourself Look Old School

For RuneScape players in general, see Account. Me is a foe encountered during the quest Lunar Diplomacy in the Dream World. It is fought during the quest, and is an exact copy of the player wearing full Lunar equipment, only inversed in colour. […]

How To Have Microsoft Read For Me

29/03/2016 I have the same question (52) How can I get narrator to read a web page? I copy and pasted it into notepad and it worked but not in works. Any ideas? I think that even in W7 Narrator still has disclaimers about having any pretense to be a fully functional reader. Get a real reader. 2 people were helped by this reply Did this solve your problem? Yes No. Sorry this didn't help. Great […]

How To Move Pictures From Gallery To Sd Card Zte

Then you can freely download photos between ZTE and computer or transfer movies between ZTE and PC. Take the photos as an example. Click the " Take the photos as an example. Click the " Photo " button to view pictures one by one, then choose some beautiful pictures and touch " Export ", you will complete to transfer photos from ZTE to computer within minutes. […]

How To Make Music Ringtone On Iphone 4

To ease you operations, this iPhone 4 ringtone maker allows you preset to transfer the ringtones to iPhone or iTunes after the conversion finished: set "add to iTunes (If you have installed iTunes)" or "add to iPhone (Make sure you have connected your iPhone to computer)" option then transfer the finished ringtone to iTunes or iPhone directly. […]

How To Run Windows Phone Apps On Pc

29/11/2018 · Apps on Windows have gotten better. But every once in a while, you’ll stumble upon a really useful mobile app that hasn’t made its way to PC yet. […]

How To Make A Homemade Ash Catcher

24/10/2009 · sick homemade bong in progress made this bad boy today, now i just need to make somethin to hook him to. I'll update when i get some more materials together. […]

How To Make Own Fortune Cookies

As the inventors of colored and flavored fortune cookies, were experts in having fun. Hey, we even bake the worlds LARGEST fortune cookie! After 29 years handcrafting and decorating wildly delicious cookies, we continue to dream up creative new treats, including our new gluten-free cookies. Call Erin Jump Fry, our CEO and Stuntwoman, to help make any event more fortunate. […]

How To Make A Tv Lift Cabinet

I design and build very high end custom kitchens and cabinetry and I decided to purchase a TV lift cabinet. After extensive research, I discovered Trace. He is by far the most knowledgeable person I have met as to the intricacies of the TV lift mechanisms available and the pitfalls and benefits of every supplier and component. Knowing the custom cabinetry industry so well, I felt the only way […]

How To Make A Commandblock Repeat

Is there any way to repeat the last command without clearing the terminal? – Luke Davis Jan 16 '18 at 1:41 Ah, nevermind: for anyone reading this, to repeat without clearing the … […]

How To Make A Radio Out Of A Penny

Doing so allows us to access the free bet and make a profit without risking your own money, to guarantee a profit. Nearly all do this through a matched betting service to find the offers you need and to help you work out exactly where you need to put your money. […]

How To Make Crispy Bacon Pieces

Add bacon. Cook for 2 to 3 minutes each side or until crispy. Drain on paper towels. Roughly chop bacon. Place into a large bowl. Cook for 2 to 3 minutes each side or until crispy. Drain on paper towels. […]

How To Make A Rapunzel Tower Out Of Cardboard

LEGO 10878 DUPLO Rapunzel's Tower. Disney Tangled fans will love to build and rebuild Disney Rapunzel's Tower in different ways, helping to develop their fine motor skills. This LEGO DUPLO Disney toy is perfect for role-playing daily life in the tower, from grooming the horse or painting outside to letting down Rapunzel's long hair from her window and tucking her into bed under the covers. […]

How To Make Cosplay Claws

I love working with fur as weird as it sounds so i thought a lot about it and decided to give it a try at doing a tutorial since i needed to remake a paw after dropping hot wax on it after a photoshoot with candles! […]

How To Make Trial Version Last Paint Tool Sai

Designed to work on older as well as on newer versions of Windows, PaintTool SAI is a lightweight and efficient piece of software that provides you with all the necessary tools and features for […]

How To Pass Ielts Academic

You cant pass the IELTS Test. As you know, the IELTS Test is not a pass/fail test. So you cant pass it. The Test tells you what level you are. So if you want to get a piece of paper that says you are a Band 7, then you simply have to be a Band 7. Im sorry if that sounds unhelpful but its the simple truth. Ok so how can I get a Band 7? Another unhelpful answer sorry, and its one […]

Cs Source How To Make Server

CS:S is Counter Strike that was built on the source engine by VALVE. Building on the mega success of CS 1.6 the game brought new updated graphics and physics to the game. This was around the time esports was still in its infancy but if it wasn't for Counter-Strike and Counter Strike Source the esports wouldn't be where it is today. […]

How To Make Choc Chip Cookies

Theres no cookie more universally loved than the chocolate chip cookie, so we all owe it to ourselves to bake the best darn chocolate chip cookies we can possibly make ? for us, for our […]

How To Read Z Critical Value Table

For a given alpha value "a," the critical value in a two-tailed test is determined by running the formula (1-a)/2 and then looking up the result on a Z-table Critical values are looked up in statistical tables. […]

How To Open A Video In Movie Maker

After the conversion, you can add the video files to Windows Movie Maker without hassle. First of all, download the program below and follow the steps to rip video from DVD from WMM. How to convert DVD to Windows Movie Maker in Windows 8/7/XP/Vista 1 Add DVD to the program. Insert the DVD disc into your computer's DVD drive, run the DVD converter and click Load DVD to import the DVD … […]

How To Make A Deathclaw Gauntlet

ur suppose to jump down when you get the armor and kill the raiders on the ground. If you do that you will have plenty of ammo left over. also make sure to shoot the cars by the deathclaw as they will take a nice chunk out of his health. […]

How To Play All Pc Games With Gamepad

When I try to use my Xbox 360 controller while playing Mass Effect 1-3 on PC, it doesnt recognize my controller nor the device I have plugged into my PC that allows me to use the controller for other PC games? […]

How To Put Fishing Bait On Reel Stardew

Invalidmicah posted... So I know that you can equip bait to a pole but how the heck do I use the fishing tackle? I crafted one then I won the fishing competition at the Ice Festival and won more cool tackle. […]

Cards Of Humanity How To Play

Cards Against Humanity - Official Site. Cards Against Humanity is available for free under a Creative Commons license. Making a set will take an hour and cost about $10. […]

How To Make A Sweet Pea From Gum Paste

I ended up using gum paste, as everything held together much better than with fondant. The indentations for the eyes and soother were made using a stick gum paste tool (the forest green one). For the cupcake tree itself, I placed each baked cupcake into Wilton’s Double Ruffle cupcake liners , and used a #126 petal tip to pipe the icing. […]

How To Make Background Color Transparent

I have a User Defined Language in which I have used the Styler Dialog to set the background color for a particular item. I no longer want this item to have a specified background color. […]

How To Read Bearing Dimensions

The thrust collar extends out of the bearing on one side, so the dimension across the inner ring is slightly greater than that of the outer ring. Double row styles (NN, NNU) – Double Row cylindrical roller bearings are denoted by two N’s within the part number (e.g., NN or NNU). […]

How To Put Strawberries On Top Of A Cake

Strawberries and chocolate are a luscious combination which can be used as a glorious cake garnish on many different occasion cakes such as wedding cakes, Valentine's Day cakes, and Shower cakes. Fresh berries can be used with many flavours of cakes as well with great success, from vanilla to chocolate and tender almond. […]

How To Make Origami Boat Step By Step

Origami Paper Plane, Kids Origami, Origami Cat, Origami Ideas, Easy Origami, Origami Swan Instructions, Origami Tutorial, Paper Swan, Origami Step By Step LOTUS ART modeli od papira […]

How To Read A Digital Scale Grams

Digital Bathroom Scales: Notorious for the highest quality and most reliable Bathroom Scales, ScalesGalore offers our customers a wide variety of solar powered electronic Bathroom Scales, regular mechanical Bathroom Scales with a nice, large dial and portable Bathroom Scales (small enough to carry in your suitcase!) more .. […]

How To Make Money Trading Lex Van Dam

About Youtuber I am sharing how to make money trading Bitcoin for free. This is a trading strategy I developed myself after years of trying all the indicators out there. This method of trading works for almost all instruments including Forex and regular stocks but trading Bitcoin using my unique technical analysis has proven to be the most profitable as of now. […]

How To Put Gifs Into Moviemaker

Q: "I'm making a project using Windows Movie Maker, but I need to be able to get videos from YouTube into Windows Movie Maker. The converter I was using before has stopped supporting YouTube videos. I need help, and fast!" […]

How To Remember Faces In Dreams

T his may sound crazy, but I can see the future in my dreams. I have these dreams to where I can remember one (pointless) thing in my dream, bu then forget it, until it happens. […]

How To Make A Promise To God

Ecclesiastes 5:1-7 ESV / 84 helpful votes Helpful Not Helpful. Guard your steps when you go to the house of God. To draw near to listen is better than to offer the … […]

How To Make Dominican Flan

I've noticed some differences between 2 countries in particular - Spain & Dominican Republic. Spanish flan is a true gelatinous, custardy treat - with a very yummy caramel sauce that covers the top. […]

How To Plan Classes Qut

QUTs OP and IB Guarantee takes the guesswork out of entry into the majority of QUTs courses. Applicants who receive OP of 1-5, a selection rank of 93 or better or a completed International Baccalaureate Diploma with a score of 33 are guaranteed a place, regardless of the OP threshold listed on the course entry requirements. […]

How To Make A Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner

The motor, bin and cyclone are aligned, so air is drawn into the cyclones in a straight line – creating 20% more suction power than the Dyson V8 TM vacuum. 14 cyclones Particles such as pollen and bacteria are forced into the bin by more than 79,000g from 14 cyclones. […]

How To Make A Lamp Out Of A Wine Bottle

Upcycling DIY wine bottle projects for example can be extremely rewardful thanks to their very long life span. If we are to throw glass bottles away it would take thousands of years for nature to decompose these items that we have neglected and taken for granted. […]

How To Say Things In Greek

Things to Do in Paros, Greece: See TripAdvisor's 14,594 traveler reviews and photos of Paros tourist attractions. Find what to do today, this weekend, or in January. We have reviews of the best places to see in Paros. Visit top-rated & must-see attractions. […]

How To Make Landing Page For Hubspot

These areas correspond to sections in the HubSpot Template Builder. If you are building a "theme" (e.g. several templates for an entire website, as opposed to a single landing page or blog template), then you should browse through several pages to ensure the header/footer elements are consistent across pages. Identify shared sidebar modules. Next, browse through several pages and take note of […]

How To Order References Same Author Apa6

When using APA to format a paper, knowing when you must cite information can be difficult. Each time information is derived from a source it must be noted, even if the same source is used multiple times. […]

How To Open Polaris Backup Valve

19/09/2011 · Hi gang, Glad to have found this forum! I could certainly use the help. My Polaris 280 backup valve was not cycling -- it was outputting a constant stream of water, all the time. […]

How To Make Vegetable Poha Video

It is also used to make savory dishes like potato poha, papads, poha dosa, chivda, poha ladoo etc. Poha is available in 2 varieties in the Indian grocery stores - Thick pohaand Thin poha.The Thick variety is thicker as the name indicates. […]

How To Read Turkish Coffee Fortune

Do not believe what the coffee grounds tell you, but do not refrain yourself from doing it though Love, success, money, fortune: the art of reading coffee grounds is as old as coffee itself. Coffee fortune telling was born out of Turkish Coffee and is an inseparable part of the pleasure and conversation associated with coffee. This ritual […]

How To Make A Box That Opens

18/10/2010 · options,preferences,directories, tick the box next to "automatically load torrents from" then click the box to the right with the 3 dots in it and browse to your download folder which you familiarised yourself with earlier. To keep your download folder tidy and uncluttered with torrent files which you don't now need, check the box next to "delete loaded torrents". click "apply" at the bottom […]

How To Make A Floating Beer Pong Table

If you are incredibly bored and it’s too cold to play table tennis in the garage, here’s how to create floating candles from ping pong balls: 1. Punch a hole into the ping pong ball. […]

How To Make A Toy Boat That Floats On Water

When you first put one of the boat hulls on the water, it should float because its total density is less than that of water. As you add pennies to the hull, its density increases and the hull […]

How To Sign Up For Obama Healthcare Plan

Q: My daughter and I stopped trying to shop for Obamacare health insurance on the government website after two hours of computer crashes and frozen screens. […]

How To Make A Origami Box Wikihow

1/01/2013 · Series Description: Origami, simply put, is the art of folding paper to make various types of shapes and objects. Learn about some simple and fun origami models that you can make right at … […]

How To Make A Ghost Cam Tune

UPR custom tuning does not cover forced induction applications that aren’t factory installed (turbocharger, superchargers), nitrous, large or aggressive cams. These items typically are installed with larger fuel systems and require dyno tuning to ensure a safe tune and reliable drivability. Being able to monitor air fuel ratios in a controlled environment is a necessity in these situations […]

How To Play Sugar Sugar Baby Bash On Guitar

Sugar Sugar YouTube Music. Sugar Sugar music videos on youtube and vevo, these are the most relevant videos found on the music category on youtube for Sugar Sugar, hear youtube music songs related to "Sugar Sugar". […]

How To Make Asphalt 8 Airborne Load Faster

On several occasions, I will run into players in multiplayer who at the beginning of a race, they will boost ahead with what seems like 500mph speeds and win races by almost a minute and are lower rank car than me and everyone else. […]

How To Make Rg6 Cable

Quality RG6 quad type, 75 Ohm coaxial cable. Suitable for outdoor antenna installations. Recommended for upgrading of existing installations. Recommended for new home cabling and digital TV installations. […]

How To Make A Loft Bed With Dressers

How can I make a full size dresser loft bed with only dressers at the bottom, not another bed? I am interested in building it myself because a lot of these websites are asking $2,000+ and some of these people aren't even selling these wooden products with solid wood, which is dangerous! […]

How To Respond To A Thumbs Up Emoji

Thumbs up is a cool emoji . It suits for any context that it is been sent. It is usually used when the other person is so busy and doesn't have enough time to respond to your messages with a whole text. […]

How To Use Telepathy To Make Someone Call You

Remote Telepathy: The ability to use telepathy from a long range. Subconscious Manipulation : The ability to manipulate the subconscious. Telepathic Surgery : The ability to perform neuropsychic surgery, healing and/or damaging the mind. […]

How To Make A Toastie In A Toastie Maker

Toastie A delicious toasted sandwich is a perfect meal or snack. Melted cheese, coupled with meat, tomato or whatever you fancy can turn the humble sandwich into an indulgent delight. […]

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